DEPOSIT: A minimum, per person non-refundable deposit as indicated on your invoice is payable at time of booking to secure your reservation. This deposit must be received by SQUBA HOLIDAYS within 10 days of making your booking or your reservation may be cancelled. Optional insurance premiums and airline reservation deposits/payments must also be paid at time of booking.

AIRFARE: Airfare is payable in full unless otherwise noted on your invoice.

FINAL AND INTERIM PAYMENT(s): Interim payments if applicable must be received as indicated on your invoice. Final payment must be received by SQUBA HOLIDAYS prior to departure as indicated on your invoice or your reservation may be cancelled subject to these terms and conditions. Reservations made within 60 days of departure require full payment at time of booking.

CREDIT CARD BOOKINGS: Your authorization to use your credit card number for deposit and/or final payment indicates your compliance with our booking terms and conditions, whether or not you have actually signed the appropriate draft. Verbal authorization of your credit card confirms your reservation.

PRICES: All prices are quoted in the currency indicated on your invoice unless stated otherwise and are current at time of printing. These prices are subject to change without notice due to change of air flight provider, fluctuations in currency exchange rates, fuel prices, departure taxes, transportation related fees, navigational charges, airport security charges, visa and tourist card charges, etc. However, if the total price increases more than 7 percent (exclusive of increases in retail and GST tax) you have the option to cancel and obtain a full refund. No price increases are permitted after you have paid in full.

IF YOU MUST CANCEL: Written notice of cancellation must be received by SQUBA HOLIDAYS. Cancellation charges depend upon the length of time prior to departure that notice has been received.

Prior to 60              days ………………………$250 per person

60 days to 45          days ………………………$50% of full travel costs

Within 45                days of departure …………$100% of costs will be charged

NOTE: The cancellation charges noted above apply only to the holiday portion of your travel arrangements unless noted otherwise. Airfare cancellation charges will apply as indicated on your invoice.



RESPONSIBILITY: Every effort will be made to operate all travel services as advertised, however, SQUBA HOLIDAYS reserves the right, at it’s discretion to modify any arrangements, accommodations, flights and services that cannot be supplied due to delays, cancellations, weather conditions or any other causes beyond our control. In all cases SQUBA HOLIDAYS will endeavour to provide comparable services, arrangements and accommodation for those cancelled or delayed, however, SQUBA HOLIDAYS acts as an agent only for other independent suppliers and cannot be held responsible for any losses resulting from their acts or omissions.

CHANGES IN ACCOMMODATIONS OR FACILITIES: Every effort has been made to ensure that the facilities described will be available during your vacation. However, since SQUBA HOLIDAYS does not control the management of cruise lines, hotels and resorts, it cannot be responsible if some of the facilities described cease to be available or are not operating during your trip.

NOTE: Please note that living standards, practices and the provision of utilities, services and accommodation at your travel destination may differ from those found in Canada.

FLIGHTS AND CARRIERS: All flight times, flight itineraries and carriers are subject to change with or without prior notice. We recommend that you contact the airline within 24 hours of departure to reconfirm your departure and check in time. SQUBA HOLIDAYS cannot be held responsible if you miss your flight or are denied boarding. For up to date information on Airport Security Measures please contact Transport Canada at, and the Canada Airport Transport Security Agency at or 1-888-294-2202.

CONNECTING FLIGHTS: Passengers with connecting flights are advised to allow ample time (minimum 3 hours/recommended overnight) between flights. SQUBA HOLIDAYS cannot be held responsible if you miss your flight or are denied boarding.

CRUISE CONNECTIONS: SQUBA HOLIDAYS cannot be held responsible for expenses incurred by passengers who have missed their cruise connection.

FLIGHT DELAYS: Flight delays can occur through Acts of God, mechanical breakdowns, employee strikes and by direction of government. SQUBA HOLIDAYS cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from such delays.

DELAYS AT DESTINATION: If any delays are caused by Acts of God, such as weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns, employee strikes, direction of government or any other similar acts beyond the control of SQUBA HOLIDAYS or its suppliers, then costs associated with such a delay must be paid for by the traveller.


MEDICAL INFORMATION: Participation in scuba diving itineraries requires the participant to be of generally good health. Travellers may be required to complete a medical history. Travellers with medical problems or dietary restrictions should make them known, in writing, to the reservation office with final payment. The dive operator’s staff will reserve the right to deny a traveller’s participation in any activities, at their discretion. Also, certain vaccinations and precautions may be required for some destinations. We recommend that you consult your family physician or visit your local travel clinic. You may also visit for additional information.

DOCUMENTATION: It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure they are in possession of the correct documentation required for the journey to their destination and the return to their home country. Always check your passport, visa & tourist card requirements. For a current guide of documentation requirements, please visit (for Canadian residents) or (for U.S. residents). Please note that entry into another country may be refused even if your travel documentation is complete.


BAGGAGE: It is recommended that you confirm your baggage allowance with SQUBA HOLIDAYS or its respective carriers. If your carriage is by more than one carrier, different conditions, baggage allowances, regulations and any applicable tariffs may apply for each carrier. These conditions may be obtained from the issuing carrier. Handling at destinations is performed by independent contractors using systems over which SQUBA HOLIDAYS has no control. SQUBA HOLIDAYS cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of baggage. Travellers are urged to insure their baggage before leaving home.

UNUSED SERVICES: No refund is allowed for any unused services.

SERVICE / TICKETING FEE: Squba Holidays may charge a non-refundable service fee, or a fee for the service of quoting and issuing an airline ticket on a requested flight itinerary. This service fee comprises automatic itinerary change notification, unified planning of your entire trip itinerary, especially when flight schedules change, and any assistance required with regards to changes or cancellation of your flight itinerary.

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE AND TARIFFS: Airline tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Voluntary changes to your itinerary may require the payment of additional fees and fare upgrades. Change Fees and Cancellation Fees may apply per direction, per passenger, plus applicable taxes and any additional fare difference. Advance seat selection is subject to availability and the rules and fees of individual carriers.


Carriage and other services provided by the carrier are subject to conditions of contract, which are hereby incorporated by reference. These conditions may be obtained from the issuing carrier. If your carriage is by more than one carrier, different conditions, regulations and any applicable tariffs may apply for each carrier.


SQUBA HOLIDAYS makes arrangements with cruise lines, hotels, resorts and other independent contractors and suppliers to provide you with the travel services you purchase. Although SQUBA HOLIDAYS takes great care in selecting these suppliers, SQUBA HOLIDAYS acts as an agent and therefore cannot be responsible for their acts or omissions. SQUBA HOLIDAYS shall not be held responsible for any claims, losses, damage, costs or expenses of any nature arising from any injury, accident, death, loss of or damage to or delay in connection with baggage or other property; delay, inconvenience, upset, stress, loss of enjoyment or loss of vacation time resulting from:

1) the act or fault or omission of any part other than SQUBA HOLIDAYS or its employees.

2) Acts of God, war, acts of terrorism, acts of foreign enemies, rebellion, mechanical breakdown, Government action, weather,            sickness, theft, labour disputes or any other factor or condition beyond our control.

3) customers failure to obtain required documentation necessary for the journey and return.

4) being denied access to aircraft due to contravening the airline’s conditions of carriage.

5) being held by Government direction.

6) the traveller missing flight connections.

7) cancellation or change for any reason in the travel services offered.

8) the traveller failing to follow directions of SQUBA HOLIDAYS or its representatives.

No representatives of SQUBA HOLIDAYS or its suppliers have the authority to modify or waive any provision of this agreement.


In accordance with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario’s regulations, Section 36(a) of Ontario Regulation 26/05, we are required to advise customers that services purchased from an out of province tour operator or end supplier, other than an airline and/or cruise line, are not covered by the Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund in the event of the bankruptcy or insolvency of that service provider. This exemption is not a new change in the act, but it is our responsibility to notify you of this requirement.

If you have any concerns or questions about your protection under the Travel Industry Act please feel free to call us anytime, or visit the Travel Industry Council of Ontario website at