I wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely fantastic time. The Galapagos Sky was great, the people and the organization of the trip was pretty flawless. The dive masters were so incredibly educated and knowledgeable we were blown away, not only did they know everything about the sea, on land their knowledge was outstanding. The diving was everything we hoped for, there was not one thing that anyone wanted to see that we didn’t, sea lions, dolphins, penguins, sharks Galapagos, white tips, black tips and Hammerheads in quantities that were ridiculous. If someone told me on dives I would look up and down and see no less and 50 to 100 Hammerheads at one time I would have thought they were dreaming. And yes our group had two swims with a Whale shark. Not to be left out there was also an incredible amount of super sized reef fish that were largely ignored for the bigger stuff.