Travel insurance is always recommended; in fact, travel agents in Ontario are required to offer you the option of purchasing cancellation insurance and health insurance. While you never expect to cancel your vacation plans, unexpected situations can occur, and cancellation charges levied by airlines, liveaboards, hotels and tour companies can amount to as much as 100% of the purchase price.

In order to protect your trip and provide you with peace of mind, we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

We are proud to be an “exclusive” Manulife World Travel Insurance agency. For insurance information, premium quotation or to purchase a policy, please contact our office directly or connect to the Manulife World Travel Insurance website.


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Test your trip…Be sure it’s secureWe understand that when you’re travelling, you don’t want to worry about a thing. But events happen, even to the well prepared travelers. You may have to cancel your trip at the last minute to tend to a family emergency. You may need medical assistance when you’re away. Your baggage may go missing, or there may be damage to your personal property. You just never know.Questions to ask Group Plans

  • Do you pay medical bills up front – or do I have to pay and claim later?
  • Do you pay on ‘pre existing conditions?’ or are there exclusions?
  • Do you pay 100% of medical bills or just a portion of?
  • Do you have a 24 hr a day call centre to give me advice on the medical facility I should be going to?
  • Do you have a team that speaks multiple languages in case I am in a foreign country?
  • Is there a lifetime maximum on how much I am able to claim?
  • Will you pay for a medical condition more than once in a lifetime?
  • Do I have to claim back though OHIP/RAMQ my daily allotment of $400.00 a day – or do you do this on my behalf?

Questions to ask Credit Card Company

  • Exactly HOW MUCH Cancellation Insurance does my card provide to me?
    Is it a per person amount or a per card amount?
  • Exactly HOW MUCH Interruption Insurance does my card provide to me?
  • Do I have to pay for the medical bills with my card? What happens if the bills are larger than my limit, what happens?
  • Do you provide a call centre for me to talk to in case of a medical emergency? Who directs me to the proper medical facility?
  • Is there an age limit on my medical coverage?
  • Is there a duration limit on my medical coverage?
  • Do I have to claim back though OHIP my daily allotment of $400.00 a day – or do you do this on my behalf?
    Are there pre existing exclusions that I need to be made aware of?

Claim Examples

  • For those travelling to the United States, a one-day stay in a U.S. hospital for a broken arm and wrist cost US$32,600, with only CDN$400 being covered by OHIP.
  • A 19-day U.S. hospital stay for multiple trauma associated with by a massive motor vehicle accident cost US$450,000, with only CDN$7,600 covered by OHIP.
  • An appendectomy, which usually can involve a four-day stay, cost US $39,400.00, with OHIP covering only CDN$1600.

Each employee at Squba Holidays takes a Manuliofe World Travel Insurance Policy on every trip that we take. We never travel without it!